“I don’t say I am lucky or rich but I am  Blessed with everything I need”.

Hi! friends, this is Harsha Wagh – born and raised in India. It is a country that is blessed with all seasons, where the language is not a barrier and every state has its own mysterious story to tell about. I hail from Pune city, Maharashtra. Pune is known as “House of education” and people from there are also called as Punekar 😊 Books, inspirational writeups and spiritual thoughts make my life live with positive aspects. Being a God-fearing, ‘I’ believe in the strength of his omnipresence and have faith in him. Happiness for me is my family, friends, music, enjoying food and of course shopping. I strongly believe that one should always avoid negativity as it will never be worthy of your time and energy.

I did my schooling, Graduation, and post-graduation with “MBA-HR” from Pune University. I have worked for +10years into Admin-HR and later with soft skill Training dept. My husband ‘Rahul Wagh’ is an Instrumentation Engineer. After 2years of marriage, we were blessed with a baby boy. After his birth, I still continued my job but after a few months later I realized that I need to take a career break and be with him and enjoy motherhood. During this time my husband got a good working opportunity in UAE. My son was just 2years old when we shifted to Abu Dhabi. Everything new again, new start, new place, people. Being new to the place I started discovering different places, restaurants, and meeting new friends. Slowly I started sharing details of places to visit in UAE, restaurants, shopping areas with my friends, neighbors, etc.

As my Son is a pecky cum slow eater, I started searching for easy & healthy recipes for him. Some through channels and most that I learned from my mother and grandmother. These recipes I started sharing with my friends so that they can try out for their kids. As I am always in search of tasty and healthy food, I try to connect with people who are innovative in cooking. For more interesting recipes and food places please visit page “FOOD” on my blog.

Change in lifestyle made me overweight I started getting health issues & that was an alarm for me to think and act towards fitness. I started Yoga, morning walk and made some changes in my diet which really benefited me. Yoga is good for both the mind and the soul. Walking keeps you healthy and fresh throughout the day.

During my free time, I use to love writing, reading, cooking new recipes, connecting with friends. Later I started writing articles for other blogs and magazines. This motivated and inspired me to start my own blog. After extensive thought and support from my loved ones, I have started my own blog. This will be a great experience to connect with people and share experiences, information, thoughts, and stories which will surely make you happy and motivated.

Today my son is 9years old and my short career break for my Lil one has now turned into a long break. But this is my own choice to be with him. Playing the role of daughter, sister, friend, wife & mother is a beautiful journey of my life and I enjoy it. Sometimes it becomes very challenging to balance life mentally and physically but if you have great support from family and friends it becomes easier. I know there are many mothers like me who have quit their jobs for their family or being paid less or stagnant growth. I always feel that women should make their own choices in life and this encourages me to know them better.

It’s September, 2020 and we are shifted to Dubai, a city of dreams but Abudhabi will always be special, for giving us opportunity to create beautiful memories and great friends. 

Stay blessed, Stay connected!!