For me, happiness means ‘Food’. Basically, food is what people and animals eat for their living. For some people, food is just a necessity to fulfill their basic needs but for few people, food means Happiness, divine, love, etc. There are different kinds of cuisines cooked or prepared as per cultural and religious preferences. As, I belong to Land of spices i.e. India, Indian cuisine is my favorite. There are various or variety of dishes prepared across the states which are diverse from each other because of geographical conditions, background, or history of that state.  Food can tell us a lot about the traditions of the Nation and regions e.g. India a land of spices, China for rice and wheat.

Regional cuisines are the recipes followed by generations or old traditions that still, keeps them unique for their taste, ingredients, and suitable for the climatic conditions.



The aromatic curries, biryani, dal, parathas, and the mouthwatering desserts like Gulab jamun, Rasmalai, kheer all works incredibly to lure you. In India you will find different flavors, aroma, presentation of cuisines, right from Maharashtrian style chapati bhaji, to North style Parathas, Kerala style prawns every dish is unique in itself. It’s a good mix and blends of masala’s, ingredients and different cooking techniques.



Globalization gave an opportunity for people to try out different cuisines served on the table. Other factors like migration and tourism made it possible to try out cross-cultural food or made available various cuisines.

Global cuisine is a cuisine that is experienced by people around the world and it has become possible because of trade, shipping, production, improvements in the storage system, and foremost preservations of food. Global cuisine is a regional, traditional, or specific nation food served worldwide, which has helped people living in other countries to access their traditional cuisines.  As I am residing in UAE (Abu Dhabi) from past 4.6years I have tried many cuisines of different nations and every region has its special or popular dishes for e.g. Middle East is famous for falafel and Hummus, Italian food is known for its amazing pasta/pizza, Japanese for Sushi but of course there are a lot more dishes in their cuisines.




Cooking is an art of preparing and serving appetizing food. From, past few years cooking is no more limited to the kitchen but has become a subject for research. People are not only looking for food but they expect good food, taste, and nutrition values. ‘Gastronomy’ is the study of the relationship between food and culture. It involves discovering, tasting, experiencing, researching, understanding, and writing about food preparation considering the human nutrition factor.  Essentially, it’s an art or science of good cooking and eating.

No matter which part of the world you belong to, food is one common factor that connects you with the culture and people. So next time if you see eye-appealing cuisine just give it a try!!!




Stay Happy & Healthy