A Gift from Heaven

The most awaited or golden words for a married couple are, Congrats!! you are about to experience a bliss of being a parent. There is a new blessing arriving in your family with tiny steps, cute and adorable smiles. It is a beautiful feeling of immense joy with excitement and concern. Pregnancy gives a new meaning to a women’s life, the joy of happiness and a wonderful feeling of carrying a little soul within you. The concept of beauty gets more meaningful, which reflects on a pregnant woman’s face. The glow itself tells everything, how happy and excited she is for the new journey. Along with happiness comes fears of an entire 9-month process which involves, weight gain, tracking the growth of a baby, doctors visit, strict diet plans, change in priorities etc.

Before I became a mother, I use to always wonder why a woman would choose to take on an additional role of parent. As I have heard and seen how women get exhausted and frustrated performing her duties as a mother. It’s not easy to become a parent, there are many sacrifices done for raising children. Many women’s use to share that how they have to adjust with their sleeping timings, shower, food etc. which I felt as if they are under constant pressure or tension which might lead them to depression. But what made me ‘surprised’ was after all these hardships, they still were so positive for being a parent. Off course, apart from all the sacrifices, there are many other reasons also which will only make you smile and proud of being a parent.

 Now that I am a mother, I realize how joy and fun it is to be a mother. Kids are a big bundle of surprises, at times they will make you smile, cry, laugh, angry etc. The relationship between mother and her child is a constant bonding which nourishes through love, trust, anger, sacrifice, and happiness.


The best part for a mother is watching her husband becoming a wonderful father. Because she knows she was a ‘princess’ of her father and how he guided her during difficult times. Father will always try to give his attention and a secure life to kids. He will pursue to be a supporting hand to the mother so that they can make a good team and make life more Happy and Easier.

Becoming a parent doesn’t change you, it will give you a new beginning in your life. Appreciate your life’s biggest prize and acknowledge the blessing received from God. Cherish, enjoy each and every beautiful moment of parenting because “Baby is a blessing a gift from heaven and above”.


Happy Parenting !!!

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