Creamy Sizzler – Paneer-E-Khaas

Weekends are always special for everyone to explore new things whether it’s a place or food. So, this time we also thought so and tried creamy sizzler at #Lazeez restaurant. whenever we visit Lazeez restaurant we usually order Indian authentic food but this time we thought of giving a little twist. So we ordered ‘Paneer-E-Khaas’ (Sizzler) from their ‘Atish-E-Subji’ – vegetarian delight, category from the menu list.

Creamy Sizzler
Paneer – E – Khaas


Paneer – E- Khaas is a “Lazeez signature dish” and is made from fresh cottage cheese (paneer) cubes, marinated in exotic herbs and char-grilled, laced with smooth creamy sauce and served in a sizzler plate.




Paneer-E-Khaas i.e. special cottage cheese was topped with a creamy sauce. paneer cubes were soft, fresh and marinated well in herbs. The portion served was enough for we three. My son enjoyed the creamy taste and did not much complaint about the spices which he usually does. People who like or loves spicy food may not like or enjoy this dish because of its mild texture.


Disclaimer: The above review and photos are my own.

Location: Lazeez Resturant, Hamdan Street, behind E-Max.

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