Sweet & Sour Mango Shake

There are few good things about summer and one of them is MANGO. Mango is known as ‘King’ of fruits and it’s a Seasonal fruit. The best time of my childhood was Summer Holidays and Mango Season. No matter, whichever form you have mango i.e. eat it or drink, it always treats you with its different flavors. Raw mangoes will give you the sour taste & ripe mango will give you sweet taste but it will still depend upon the type of mango you are buying.

So, let’s start with our mix flavor Mango Shake.


  • Mango – 6nos (Ripe mango, preferred Alphonso)
  • Mango – 2nos (half raw mango for sour taste)
  • Sugar – 5-6tsp (depends upon the sweetness of mango)
  • Milk – 1cup cold

Toppings                                                                                                                                           1. Vanilla ice-cream – 1scoop                                                                                                     2. Wafer rolls – 2piece

Steps to Prepare

Step 1: Clean all mangoes thoroughly and remove its pulp. Here we need to make 2pulp’s one of Raw mangoes and another of ripe mangoes.

In a mixer jar, blend raw mango pulp until you get a smooth consistency. There is no need to add milk. If you feel its too sour then you can add 1tsp of sugar or if you feel it’s too thick then just add 1ice cube while blending. Remove this pulp in a container and keep it aside.

Step 2:  In the same mixer jar, add sweet mango pulp and 2tsp sugar (depends on your taste, if the mango is very sweet then no need to add sugar) and blend. Then add milk and blend once again till you get a smooth consistency. Consistency will depend on your choice thick or juicy as per that you can add milk.


Take a serving glass pour first Mango milkshake ¾ level and then slowly pour sour mango pulp. Now, top it with vanilla ice-cream and wafer rolls. (instead of vanilla ice-cream you can use mango ice-cream and add some sprinkles, nuts etc).


The first few sips you get a sour taste & later sweet, it’s a yummyyyyy treat with ice-cream.

A delightful Milkshake to satisfy your soul.

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