Natural Ice-cream (DATES)

Hello friends, we all are blessed with so many good things from nature & one of them are ‘DATES’. Dates contain natural sugar and can be called as Nature’s Candy. So, today I am posting a recipe of dates ice-cream which is supernatural & contains lots of good things in it.

Dates are rich in fiber, potassium, amino acids, B complex, iron and is energy boosting. Living in UAE from past few years I have seen so many varieties of dates like Khalas, Barhi, Dabbas, Fard, Khenaizi etc…my favorites are Fard & Ajwa.

So, let’s start to prepare healthy & natural ice-cream from dates. It’s a very simple & quick recipe and requires only 4 ingredients. It really turns out to be soft, creamy & delicious.



  • Dates – 10 pieces (I have used fard)
  • Heavy whipping cream – 1cups
  • Condensed Milk – ½ cup (depends on how sweet you need ice-cream)
  • Cardamom & Cinnamon powder – ¼ teaspoon


I have not used but you can add nuts to add little crunchy ness to the ice-cream.

Steps to Prepare:

Step1: remove the seed from all dates & chop dates into two/three pieces. In a Blender put all chopped dates & condensed milk, blend till you get a smooth texture.

Step2: In another bowl take the whipping cream and whip it with an electric beater. Whip it till soft peaks are formed.

Step3: Now add whipped cream & 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom & cinnamon powder into the blender of dates puree. Just blend only 2rounds and our ice-cream mixture is ready.

Step4: Take a freezer-proof container or box, pour the ice-cream mixture and cover it tightly with the lid.


Step5: Keep ice-cream mixture in the freezer for few hours to set.



Once set,  you can serve delicious natural ice-cream.






  1. Sweetness can always be adjusted as per your requirement and depending on the kind of dates used. Dates are naturally sweet so we need very less amount of condensed milk.
  2. For best results or creamy texture, you really need to whip the cream well. You can also use blender or hand blender to whip till a creamy texture is formed.
  3. Cardamom and cinnamon powder will add extra flavor to the ice-cream to avoid over sweetness to the ice-cream.

For Serving

Take a serving bowl, cut homemade dates ice-cream into layers or scoop it.  Top it with your favorite toppings.


Buying an ice-cream from a shop can never satisfy the flavor with a homemade ice-cream. So, next time definitely give it a try.


Till Then …

Stay Happy & Healthy!!!

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