NIK’S BAKES (Home-Baker)


Hello friends, Hope you all are doing good!! A birthday celebration is incomplete without cake and especially if the birthday is of your son/daughter’s,  then you really need lots of planning. The cake has to be good in terms of theme, color, flavor to bring happiness and perfection in the birthday party. It was my son’s 7th birthday & and he asked me to get a cake of Planes.

My search started for a 4-pound Eggless cake of Planes theme of a different flavor. I was enquiring with different baker’s shops which offered cakes of various flavors. I wanted a cake designed according to my specifications and within my budget.

After getting pricing and flavors from a different bakery shop, I thought to ask one of Home-based Baker which I knew from past 1year and heard about her baking skills. I called her and requested her to send some pictures of cake samples. The cakes she made were really amazing from a perspective of home- baker. So, I called her to discuss the cake requirements, and she answered all my queries patiently & gave me a few good suggestions.

Pune has many wonderful home bakers who have gone beyond their way by making stunning cakes through their creativity and skills. They can bake from cupcakes till wedding cakes, with fresh cream, fondant etc. you can customize the cake as per your requirement.

Nikita Jain, a home-baker based in Pune started ‘NIK’S BAKES’ in 2013. Her first baking was for her husband’s birthday which turned out to be good yet simple but somewhere in her mind, she knew something was missing. The look, the texture, the WOW factor was missing!!!

With the support of her husband and encouragement from her family members, she decided to learn and upgrade her baking skills by opting for outdoor classes. Now, she is a full-time house-maker and a cake artist who always loved baking, and have started her own small home-based business know as ‘Nik’s Bakes’.

My order: Planes theme based 4 pounds cream cake of chocolate truffle flavor. (minimum cream and not very sweet).


She was so cooperative as I had placed order just 1 day before the birthday party & I was a bit tensed but her words made me feel relaxed. She just said ‘Trust me, you will get the best cake’. 

So, the delicious, yummy cake was delivered on Time without any hassle or disturbed. My son & his friends were so happy to see such a beautiful cake & off course to eat the cake. The cake was enjoyed not only by kids but my husband, parents everyone enjoyed and was finished.

The cake turned out to be amazing and WOW!!! So, well customized and designed. The cake was nice light & was not too sweet. She used fresh cream which gave a very nice texture to the cake. Overall, we all enjoyed the cake.

NIKS BAKES offers a customized cake at a very reasonable rate. She offers all types of bakes and cakes, cookies, cake pops, cake jars, cakes slices, brownies etc….


She believes that customers Appreciation keep’s her motivated to upgrade and become more innovative in her Baking profession.


For more details or contact her facebook page: NIK’S BAKES

Location: Pune (India)


I wish her luck for her future assignments.


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