Juice World a very old place located at MG, road Pune. Since from my childhood I visit Juice world which is popularly known for Pav bhaji, paratha, tawa pulao, juices & fruit with a cream combination.

The ambiance is decent with Table & fiber chairs placed inside and outside seating area. Not to be missed are their interesting quotes placed on walls you can also call them ‘puneri pattya’ and fruits posters.

We ordered: Pav Bhaji, cheese pav bhaji, Mango Milkshake, and Cocktail Juice. 

Pav Bhaji was not great or delicious as they use to sever before (Maybe we were late 10PM). The taste was good, fresh and pav was buttered. served with a sider of chopped onions, lemon & cucumber slices.

Pav Bhaji


Mango juice was delicious and thick. We loved it!!

Mango Milkshake & cocktail juice


Cocktail juice my favorite. I like the sweet, sour & tangy taste of juice. 

Mango Milkshake & Cocktail Juice

Must try is Mango Milkshake, Mango with cream, sithaphal with cream. fresh juices.


  • No consistency in quality. The one which we use to eat way back was so delicious but now they really need to get back to their quality.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness need to be improved.
  • Expensive in terms of quantity and quality. Quantity especially of juice/milkshake.
  • Very slow service needs to be improved considering the modern era.
  • No professional staff.
  • They do not accept Debit/credit card, so if you are planning for a visit do take hard cash.

The place usually crowded, especially on weekends may be because of the prime location. Can visit with family, friends or solo.


The way competition is rising and an increase in the number of new food outlets, juice world should really need to get back to their taste and quality.

I hope till my next visit they have some improvement.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. All expenses are done by me. There is no advertising of any brand.
Disclaimer: The content of this blog is solely my views of a place and food. This is not to offend any class, religion, ethnicity or nation. My views can change from time to time based on my latest experience. I am an independent owner of this site and the views expressed in this are my own. All photographs are owned by me. 

Till Then…

Stay Happy & Healthy.

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