Switzerland Itinerary (6days)


Switzerland a stunning, amazing, unspoiled nature with lots of space to explore. Visiting this country for me was like dream come true!! Swiss is a famous tourist destination and loved by all people. It’s beautiful nature, four types of weather and the best thing, are their local transport with excellent connectivity, great service which has made this place more desirable. Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a sovereign state in Europe. The Alps occupies the greater part of the territory. Swiss population is mostly located on the plateau. Swiss has four official languages, maximum spoken language is German and the other three are French, Italian, and Romania. 

The beauty of this country is divided between Alpine regions, Alps, plateau, hills, large lakes, mountainous Jura etc…Explore the place & experience their local transport facilities: Trains, trams, cogwheel, cable car, Gondola…and many more. Our tour was planned in 1st week of July, the weather ideally is summer but it’s a combination and varies significantly with altitude. Sometimes it’s moderately warm, hot and occasionally rainy, foggy, drizzling. Apart from tourism, this country is also famous for Banking, finance & formally renowned for Swiss chocolates and watches.


This was our personalized and Pre-planned Itinerary of Switzerland focusing on North central part of the country & Paris tour. (Swiss 7days & Paris 3days)

In Switzerland, we covered north central part i.e. Zurich, Lucerne, and Interlaken.


  • Day1 – Zurich City highlights Tour & Boat Ride
  • Day2 – Rhine falls (1st half)

Left for Lucerne in evening


  • Day2contd – Chapel Bridge (in the evening)
  • Day3: Mt. Titlis, Boat/Cruise ride, and The Lion Monument.
  • Day 4: Mt. Rigi (green mountain) & Mt. Pilatus

Left for Interlaken in evening


  • Day5 – Mt. Jungfrau (full day)
  • Day6 – Hader Kulm & after 12pm free day (paragliding, shopping, visiting lt. Yash Chopra statue, exploring the city, cruise ride)

Day7 – Excursion from Swiss(Basel) To Paris through TGV train 


We had a fixed plan so we did all prior bookings which were basic and required. We were 3 family friends traveling along with kids, so we preferred a non-hectic schedule and planned for 2-3 sightseeing per day.

List of pre-bookings required :

  1. Flight Bookings (To & Fro)
  2.  Hotel bookings of all three locations in Switzerland.
  3. Swiss Pass (the most important thing)
  4. 2hrs city Highlights/tour (Zurich)
  5. Train Tickets from Basel To Paris (You can find Paris Itinerary in another post)

Things not to be missed

  1. Purchase a Local sim card at your destination Airport.
  2. Carry few Local currencies of the country you will be visiting.
  3. Pick Train timings/schedules brochures from train stations.
  4. Pick Maps or sightseeing attractions guide from the train stations or Hotels.
  5. Few sightseeing tickets need to be purchased at the desired counter. 
  6. Leather / snow / winter jacket and hand gloves for snow activities.
  7. Accessories – Sunglasses, cap/hat, scarf etc
  8. A comfortable pair of shoes.
  9. Cosmetics – sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm.
  10. It’s always better to Keep a Hard copy and soft copy of passport, visa, hotel bookings & tickets. Soft copy downloaded in mobile.
  11. Keep contact numbers handy in case of emergency.


  1. Every Station there is a help desk or counter know as ” I” which will not only help but will guide you throughout your journey for ticket bookings, maps, tourist attractions etc. 
  2. Check weather condition online before you plan or leave for your desired destination/place.
  3. Weather at Swiss is unconditional so always keep plan B ready to avoid last minute rush and confusion because sometimes specific tourist spot is closed due to various reasons e.g. bad weather, maintenance etc..
  4. Purchase local fruits, juices, sandwiches etc from Swiss cooperative stores, always helpful if you have children/kids traveling with you.
  5. The best thing is you can refill your water bottles from any water taps, fountains. you get very clean and hygiene water unless if its mentioned ‘Non-drinkable’.

Friends, you will find a detailed Itinerary of Zurich, Lucerne, and Interlaken in my other posts. I have tried my best to share all detailed information of Swiss travel so that it can help you to plan your own tour.



Note: This is not a sponsored post. All expenses are done by me. There is no advertising of any brand.
Disclaimer: The content of this blog is solely my views of a place. This is not to offend any class, religion, ethnicity or nation. My views can change from time to time based on my latest experience. I am an independent owner of this site and the views expressed in this are my own. All photographs are owned by me. 

Till then…

Stay Happy & live your dreams!





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