Goody Bag ideas – Kid’s Birthday

Birthday brings lots of happiness, excitement, and joy but if it’s your child’s birthday then you have so many things to do right from planning a party, deciding the theme, shopping, basic arrangements, etc. parenting is not an easy task and especially when its time to show your creativity.

Create your own Goody bags for your kid’s birthday party

It was my son’s 7th birthday so we planned for a birthday party. Looking at his friend’s list it was not possible for us to arrange the party in-house. So, we decided to book a small party hall wherein 20kids can accommodate. This made our half work easy as decoration, food, juice, games, and a host to execute the party were included in the package. My next worry started for the return gifts/goody bags.

Preparing a goodie bag for your kid’s birthday party is a big task & a challenge for parents because it should be memorable, useful, and pleasing to the children’s liking.

Finally, my search started for fillers into the goody bags. I had no clue what gift items I should buy but what I did is, I visited 4different gift shops/stationary and noted few things within my budget, which I liked, and will be useful for kids. So my search was over and now I just had to pick things as per his friend’s list.

Here are interesting, useful, and fun-filled items which I brought as filler for the goodie bag and also a few single items for the elder friends.

1. Paper bag, birthday-themed Loot bag(plastic).




The Paper bag gives little stiffness to the loot bag so that it can hold the things properly.





2. other basic requirements cello tape, scissors, gift wrap paper for single gift items, and a personalized Thank you note. 



3. fillers for goody bag are “small coloring book and color pencils. pencil case/box along with fancy eraser, pencil, smiley stamp, glitter glue, chocolate”.



4. If you want to avoid or have no much time for creating a goody bag then the Single gift item is a better option which I preferred to give it for 3 of his friends who are elder to my son. So, I purchased a Big color pencil box for them. (clay packet for a small kid)



5. So, these are the fillers which I will put together into the paper bag as a giveaway/return gift to each of his friend. 



My Goody bag is ready with a Thank you note.


The paper bag filled with all gift items/fillers is kept inside this loot bag(plastic) and stapled with Thank you note. 

Few other options for single gift items are Books (story, comics, etc), mini board puzzle, Art and craft making kit, educational card/board games, photo frame, zipper case, fancy pencil case, water bottle, calculator, etc. 



  • you can buy return gifts as per the birthday theme or just pick differently.
  • A printed template of Thank you message will create a personal bond and will be easier for you to distribute gifts as per the names mentioned on it.

Birthday is one of the most awaited days for every child, and it becomes much more fun when filled with joy, happiness, surprises, and good food.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is solely my views. This is not to offend any class, religion, ethnicity, or nation. My views can change from time to time based on my latest experience. I am an independent owner of this site and the views expressed in this are my own. All photographs are owned by me.

Till Then,

Stay Happy & Blessed!!





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