Indoor Game – CHESS

Chess is a popular two-player board game originating from northern India sometime in the 6th century AD. In late 15th century Europe, the game evolved in its pieces and rules to form the basis of the modern international chess game we know today.

A chessboard with a playing field consists of 64 squares marked with letters & numbers at the sides. Chess begins with divisions of pieces (white and black sets) this two set consists of 16 chess pieces (chessmen). Each side has one king piece, one queen piece, two rook pieces, two bishop pieces, two knight pieces, and eight pawn pieces. The chessboard has 64 squares, alternating in color between black and white, with eight rows and eight columns, known as Ranks and Files.

How to play

Chess pieces are, arranged on the board into eight rows & columns of squares. Set the chess pieces according to the illustration below.


  • Chess begins with the division of pieces – white and black sets.
  • Each set contains 16 pieces, as follows:
    • One king
    • One queen
    • Two rooks
    • Two bishops
    • Two knights
    • Eight pawns
  • A chessboard has 64 squares, alternating in color between black and white, with eight rows and eight columns, called “ranks” and “files,” respectively.
  • Typically, the person with the white set makes the first move.
  • A chess piece is moved to an unoccupied square or a square occupied by the opponent’s chess piece that is captured and taken off the board, no longer in play.
  • Each player has to make a move when his/her turn is and not put their king in check.
  • Each chess piece has a different move on the chessboard. For example, pawns can move forward unless they are capturing an opponent’s chess piece. In this case, they can move diagonally.
  • Knights move in “L” shapes, either two squares vertically and one square horizontally or two squares horizontally and one square vertically – they are the only pieces that can jump over other chess pieces during the game.
  • Bishops move diagonally across the board for any amount of spaces, forwards or backward.
  • Rooks move horizontally or vertically across the board for any amount of space, forwards or backward.
  • The chess piece queen can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in any direction for any amount of space.
  • The king can only move one square in any direction.

Chess is a game played by two players and dominated by strategy, precise movement, and advantageously trading pieces to get better positioning to win the game, which involves capturing the other players’ king. My experience says it’s better to learn the chess game from a tutor who will guide you correctly with the moves and rules. This game needs regular practice so that you learn different strategies.

Its bit difficult to mention all chess moves or pictures in one blog but I have tried to give basic information so that you get an idea of how the chess game is played and to develop interest.

Thank you

Stay Happy & Safe

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