Indoor Games for Kids – Scrabble

Scrabble is a well-known word game for 8years and above for 2-4 players. This game can be played by children, adults, family, friends, etc, and is available in markets. Play consists of forming interlocking words, crossword fashion, on the scrabble board using letter tiles with various score values. The object of this game is to get the highest score to become a winner. So, each player has to compete by using their skills and placing their tiles in the best location to increase the score.

The game set consists of 1playing board, 100 letter tiles, 4 Tile racks, and 1 Tile bag. Value of 100 letter tiles:

  1. There are 98 tiles with letters of the alphabet in English and two blank tiles. 
  2. There are score values mentioned on each tile at the bottom of the letter.
  3. There are two blank tiles with No score value and are, used as any letter desired while making a word by the player.

How to start a game

1. Scabble board game.
2. Give each player a rack for arranging their tiles and place them in front of them. 
3. keep all tiles in the tile bag.
4. A pen and paper to write the score.

  1. To start with each player will take a tile out from the tile bag to find who will play first. The player whose tile is nearest to the beginning of the alphabet series (i.e. letter A) will play first. If a player gets a blank tile, it is considered A alphabet, and the player plays first.
  2. Once the first player is known, all players will keep their tile in the tile bag. 
  3. Shuffle the tile bag and let each player draw seven new tiles and place them on their rack. Now, all the players are ready to play. 

Let’s start to play

  1. You can select one player as a scorekeeper. The person will keep a tally of each player’s score after their turn. 
  2. Placing the first word: Firstly, place one tile in the center of the board marked as a star. The first player combines two or more tiles to form a word and places them on the board to read either across or down with one tile on the center square marked as (star) on the game board. (diagonal words are not permitted).
  3. All tiles played in this and subsequent turns must be placed in one continuous line horizontally or vertically.

Words Permitted: players should use words listed in a standard English dictionary except those spelled with an initial capital letter, abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes, and words requiring apostrophes and hyphens. So better every player must agree on which dictionary to follow in the game.

Word Challenge: when a player makes a word, the other player can challenge the word before the score gets added up. Another player can consult a dictionary to check the correctness of spelling. If the word challenged is wrong or unacceptable, then the player needs to take back their tiles(word) and skip/lose their turn. 

Premium Scores: 

If a word crosses both premium letter and word square, all the bonus letter values will get added up to the score before the complete word score is doubled or tripled. When a blank tile is placed on a red triple or double word square, the sum of tiles in the word is doubled or tripled even if the blank tile has zero value. 

You will notice on the game board few squares are colored. It represents as follows:

  • A light blue square doubles the score of a letter placed on it.
  • A dark blue square triples the score of a letter placed on it.
  • A light red square doubles the score of the word.
  • A dark red square triples the score of the word.

E.g: If a player has A E I T R R N R letter tiles on the rack, the player will play the word T R A I N. The number value mentioned on the tile plus any premium values from the premium squares are all added up to get the score. 

1st player completes the turn, and the scorekeeper records the score.  

Ending the turn: at the end of every turn, the player draws new titles played by so that the rack always has seven tiles for the next move.

Now is the next player’s turn. 

Scrabble is a fun game and a brain teaser. During holidays it is the best pass time to play with your kids or family members. If you have not played a scrabble game, then do try you will like it. 

Stay Happy & Safe

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