Mohabbat Ka Sharbat (summer drink)

One of the most popular Sherbat/coolers seen during the summer or during holy month of Ramadan in India. I still remember my childhood days, ‘Mohabbat ka sharbat’ was a popular & demanding street beverage across the city (Pune) during summers. Mohabbat ka Sharbat word translated in English means love drink. We use to say it as Rose Milkshake. It is a perfect chilled, delicious, cooling drink with a flavor of rose syrup & watermelon. 


  1. Rose Syrup – 4tbsp
  2. Cold Milk – 1 glass.
  3. Watermelon – a few small cut/chopped pieces.
  4. Sugar – 2tbsp (as per taste).
  5. Basil/Sabja seeds – soaked 2 tbsp (optional).
  6. Ice cubes – 3/4 cubes

It is easy to make and requires only 10-12mins to prepare this refreshing drink. The rose syrup used in this recipe is ‘Rooh Afsa’ a famous brand available in shops. You can use any brand of rose syrup as per your choice. 

Let’s, begin with the recipe.

Things required beforehand are soaked sabja seeds & small chopped pieces of watermelon.

1. Take all Ingredients: 1cup Milk, rose syrup, watermelon cubes, soaked sabja seeds, sugar as per taste.

2. Take a empty glass. I have taken ice cubes also but its optional.

3. In a glass add 3tsp sabja seeds, ice cubes,1tsp watermelon cubes, 1tsp sugar & 4tsp of rose syrup.

4. Now, Add milk and it mix gently.

5. Our summer drink ‘Mohabbat ka Sharbat’ is ready to serve.

Easy & Quick recipe. Instead of buying juices or cold drinks from markets, this will be a good option to replace them. The flavor is refreshing and satisfying to the taste buds. Not only adults but kids will also definitely like this drink. You can also prepare it in advance and store it in the fridge. Sometimes I prepare sharbat before, keep it in the fridge and give it to my son once he is back from school or play.

Do try & let me know.

Stay Happy & healthy

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