Mix Vegetable Sizzler

We, all know that Indian’s love spices and that’s the reason we try to reinvent same international/continental dishes by combining it with Indian spices or flavors. I love Chinese but in the desi style i.e. Indian-Chinese version.

Here again, comes a weekend for exploring new dish. So, we went to one of our favorite restaurant #Salam Bombay’ in evening for having some delicious Indian food. After going through the menu, I thought to order Chinese food for a change instead of authentic Indian dishes like chats or south Indian or their very famous Mumbai street food Vada-pav.

Thinking to give a Hot and sizzling twist to the dish I finally ordered Mix Vegetable Sizzlers (Indian-Chinese flavor) from sizzlers category. Though it was a risk of ordering sizzler at Indian restaurant who is famous for street food but thought to give it a chance. After few minutes I heard a sizzling sound and the hot mist coming from the plate, which was in the hands of the waiter and was just on his way to serve it for us.  I was very excited to eat it from the appearance it made.


sizzler3Vegetables were mixed appropriately with noodles and rice.



Chinese – sauce base was not authentic Chinese but still, I loved the desi touch of spices and Chinese flavors in it.






Actually, I like the concept of sizzler, you can give the twist and turns to any of your favorite dishes and serve it on Hot and sizzling iron plate.  you can make or get sizzlers in your own way by combing different flavors, methods because the purpose of sizzler plate is to serve Hot and sizzling.     🙂  🙂

Overall, I enjoyed the sizzler in desi Chinese flavor. The taste was pretty decent and good. I cannot say it was authentic Chinese or excellent but instead of having simple Chinese dishes one can give it a try with hot and sizzling effect.

Place – Salam Bombay, Electra/Najda street, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Disclaimer – The above review and photos are my own. Every individual has different taste so views may vary from person to person.


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