Asha’s Restaurant

So here we are, visiting again to one of our favorite Indian restaurant that is Asha’s located at Yas Mall (Abu-Dhabi). Food, beverages, and ambiance all are good but personally, we like it for its location. If you need a break or energy for shopping, then this is a perfect location for having India Cuisine.


Asha’s restaurant is owned by a world-renowned Indian Singer, Asha BhosaleIt’s an award-winning culinary destination that transcends cultures and crosses continents.

Entering the restaurant, you are greeted by a very friendly staff, and they will immediately guide you for the availability of the table, based on the number of people. The restaurant gives you a fine-dining and a family-friendly, indoor seating comfort. Interiors are done very nicely with some classic pictures, lights with bright color furnished seating.

The best part is you will always be guided rather catered by the staff to help you with selecting the menu as per your flavors. Later they will keep a constant checkup to make sure that the food served meets our expectations. I have seen this in only a few places where the manager personally keeps a checkup for the requirements or just to see if everything is perfect on your table.

After going through the menu card, we first ordered Vegetarian Platter with refreshing cocktails and later had Chicken Biryani.

The meal starts with popadoms accompanied by zesty dips, and they don’t skimp on portion sizes here. Papaya pickle is my favorite and I definitely ask them for a refill 😊

Papaya pickle, green chutney(dip) and pickle












This is the best thing to start with until our order is served on the table. 

So finally, our Vegetarian platter has been served. Its a selection of Aloo khushnuma, Mushroom Kurkure, and paneer ka soola.20180415_130922







Food portions are generous and the food is absolutely good with excellent presentations.

Aloo khushnuma – potato barrels stuffed with paneer and dry fruits charred in the tandoor and napped with a royal mussalam gravy. (It was okay taste, could have been better).


Mushroom Kurkure – battered and deep-fried mushrooms stuffed with cheese, bell peppers, and crushed black pepper. We are not much fond of Mushroom but these starters we amazing giving a crunchiness. We loved it…. really yummy.

Paneer ka Soola  – tandoori shashlik of cottage cheese, green peppers, tomatoes and pineapple flavored with mustards. Paneer is our all time favorite. Paneer was soft and nicely flavored.


All flavors were so well defined that it left our taste buds to have more and more. we just loved the all 3different flavors with crunchy, soft etc and with food appetizing aroma.


Truly Berry – It was a perfect blend of mix berries muddled with mint leaves, lemonade, and crushed ice.  



Truly Berry with additional refill mix berry juice.

Another Cocktail we ordered was –

Backwater delight – coconut puree muddled with lime, mint, and ginger and topped with pineapple juice.








After having delicious starters and mind-blowing refreshing cocktails we had ordered Chicken biryaniBiryani was nicely made with long grain basmati rice adding appropriate spices and was a perfect blend of aromatic masala’s. The chicken was perfectly cooked and was soft and was infused with species.  (sorry was not able to click a photo).

I will not say it was authentic Indian chicken biryani, with spices and garam masala. . 

Overall, Asha has always being a wonderful dining experience and will be many more visits in future. 


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All expenses are done by me. There is no advertising of any brand. 

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is solely my views of a place and food.  This is not to offend any class, religion, ethnicity or nation. My views can change from time to time based on latest experience. I am an independent owner of this site and views expressed in this are my own. All photographs are owned by me.

Till then…

Stay Happy and Healthy!!!

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