Movenpick Ice-cream (Switzerland)


Movenpick is a brand of ice-cream in Switzerland produced by Nestle. It’s a unique ice-cream world where you get best, authentic taste & traditional swiss ice-cream craftsmanship comes together to create a seductive ice-cream of gourmet quality.

The Main reason to get such a good quality ice-cream is that of Switzerland long-established dairy-farming and milk processing tradition. All dairy products required to make ice-cream are produced from the best swiss cow’s milk. So, be sure that you will get 100%nautral and good quality ice-cream from Movenpick.

In March 2018, they Mövenpick categorize their products into “collections”: ice creams, sorbets, ‘on the go’ and limited editions.

We relished 4 different types of ice-cream flavor but unfortunately, I have pics of only two flavor ice-creams. Usually, sorbets are sour so we did not try.

We Relished: Coconut, mango, coffee, and chocolate flavor ice-creams.

  1. Coconut lovers will truly get their money’s worth. Ice-cream was superbly creamy, filled with coconut pieces.
  2. Mango ice-cream was a little sorbet but we loved the different taste.
  3. Coffee flavor ice-cream…my son loved it so much he hardly gave me a bite to taste.
  4. Chocolate flavor it was nice delicious with real Swiss chocolate flavor infused with a creamy texture.



Just for information, I have mentioned the ice-cream contains:

  • Milk and dairy products
  • Lactose
  • Eggs and products thereof 
  • May contain traces of tree nuts


  1. I noticed every Movenpick outlet has a different flavor.
  2. Its bit expensive but worth to have it at least once.


Movenpick ice-cream is just delicious…so don’t miss!!


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Till then…

Be Happy & Healthy!

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