Highest Photo Studio (Mt. Titlis – Switzerland)

Photo studio located at Titlis mountain station is the highest photo studio in the world. It offers you to dress-up in their swiss traditional costume and click photos. This studio is one of the main attractions at Mt. Titlis as I could see many Bollywood stars photo displayed on the wall. They have four different themes to dress up Swiss traditional, cowboy, mountaineering attire…

We decided to click photo’s and went inside the photo studio. I was amazed to see the huge range and extensive selection of clothing from which we can choose any theme based costume. The best thing about this costume is that it’s so well-tailored that it can be slipped effortlessly over our own clothes. It’s very hassle-free, there is no tension of changing clothes which really save your time and energy.

Apart from the costume, they will also give you various implements such has alphorns, flowers, hat, skis etc…we really had a memorable photo shoot, the experience itself is so wonderful of dressing up and doing a photo shoot from a well-experienced person.  The photographer was so well trained that he will not just start clicking photos but will guide and help you to look perfect in the photo. He personally fine-tunes the person or family members posture, smile, everything and clicks photos with the Titlis background.

A perfect family picture

It just takes a few minutes to print out the photo. The cost of photo varies according to the number of copies you require, size of the photo, hardcopy, softcopy etc…

Note: They also offer photo during cliff walk or Ice Flyer.  

Its lifetime experience and not to be missed.

Location: The photo studio is located on Level 4 of TITLIS mountain station.

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Till Then,

Be Happy & Smile 🙂

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