Sugar Factory Restaurant (Abu Dhabi)

Finally! we had an opportunity to visit ‘Sugar Factory’ restaurant to try their famous and classic desserts. On a weekend my husband and son were carving for a dessert but this time they were more keen to try something new and haven’t had it before. “Sugar Factory” restaurant was the place which immediately clicked into my mind which we wanted to visit earlier but never happened to.

‘Sugar Factory American Brasserie’ offers both sweet and savory American culinary classics. Their menu in food includes classic burgers, pizza, steaks and pasta’s. In Drinks they offer signature smoking candy goblets, martins, and cocktails. In Desserts or sweet their unique and classic section includes Sundaes, Pancakes, Waffles, and creative candy inspired milkshakes.

Ambiance: At the entrance a lovely lady will greet you. Upon entering Sugar Factory you will witness an array of specialty candies, ice-cream and gifts at their retail store. One of their assistant will guide you towards seating area/table. Ambiance is cool and trendy with a decent and comfortable table and chairs.

What we ordered?

we specially came to try desserts So, we ordered Sundae and Milkshake. Till the time our orders were served they offered a bowl of crunchy chips and a dip to munch on.

Lotus And Apple Sundae: Lotus ice cream topped with lotus sauce, biscuit, butterscotch sponge. It was yummy and Delicious this serves 2-3 people. For me it was very sweet but the flavor is awesome. In each bite there is mix of crunchy lotus crumbles and butter scotch.   



Sneaker’s Milkshake: Topped with caramel waffle, snickers. Whipped cream and sprinkles  and in a chocolate covered Mug with snickers pieces. It medium sweet and nothing great or unique. I can give 5/5 for presentation. taste wise was simple but looking at it my son was very much thrilled.  



Service: staff is very friendly and will guide for food options.



  1. Seating area is very small so during peak hours their might be waiting.
  2. As the name itself suggests ‘Sugar Factory’, so people who really love to eat sweet should go for it or else you can order 1 dessert and share within your family members or friends.
  3. Its a good place to relish food & dessert with your family and friends. 


We visited Sugar Factory located at ‘The WTC Mall, Abu Dhabi’

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Be Happy & Enjoy


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