ARMANI/AMAL Resturant (Burj Khalifa)

Special Occasion is celebrated at special places and this time we choose to celebrate our marriage anniversary at Burj Khalifa – ARMANI/AMAL restaurant. ARMANI / AMAL a high-end restaurant located in Dubai’s iconic tower - Burj Khalifa. The restaurant serves regional and authentic Indian cuisines. I was more fascinated by the location and fountain view … Continue reading ARMANI/AMAL Resturant (Burj Khalifa)


As we are heading towards summer, I thought of adding a new fragrance to my collection. Choosing the right perfume is a daunting task. With so many different varieties in the market, you just pick one without a thought or based on advertisement/marketing. Perfume defines your personality, so before going for a shopping fix your budget, … Continue reading CAROLINE HERRERA’s – GOOD GIRL Eau De Parfum