Diwali – Festival of lights

Diwali (Dipavali) in Sanskrit meaning “row of lamps”. It is one of the most popular festival in India. For me, Diwali is the best way to rejuvenate myself. My Diwali preparations start almost one month before. Festive seasons brings a lot of work and fun. I like the concept of cleaning, renovating and decorating my home (interior and exterior) and believe me it’s the best thing to divert your mind from the daily routine and gives you an opportunity to be creative. The festive season is decorating the house with lights, flowers, rangoli, shopping new decorative items, clothes, gifts, and most important preparing delicious food and traditional sweets/dishes at home to treat the guest.


Diwali is a five-day festival and each day has its own significance or rituals. So, Diwali is not only of decorating home but depending on the region or religion the puja(worship) is performed during these five days. We worship goddess Lakshmi who symbolizes three virtues: wealth, prosperity and good fortune. We perform goddess Lakshmi puja on the third day coinciding with the darkest night of the lunar month(Kartika). It also symbolizes the spiritual “victory of lights over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Once the puja is performed people light fireworks, wish each other and shares sweets/gifts.

During Diwali, not only home but also the workplace, temple’s, offices, buildings are brightly illuminated with Diya’s, candles and lanterns.

So, glad to share colorful rangoli, flower rangoli, diya’s, decoration of our house.


Many communities or group of people plan social activities, events, and gatherings. Also, stage performances, live music, dance are organized. These are the most entertaining and fun-filled programs where all age group people participate from kids to older ones.
Diwali is not only bonding for families but also for friends and your social group. This festival is also an annual homecoming duration for people who stay away from their family or home.

What I miss: Diwali greeting cards or postcards which we use to post to our near and dear ones. because of advanced technology, we are able to send messages through Whatsapp or facebook to many people but somewhere the personal touch is missing.

Festive season means celebration and celebration are meant to rejoice special moments and emotions in our lives and with our loved ones. And they all serve the purpose of bringing happiness to our lives, and to strengthen unity among people.




Till then…

Stay Happy and Blessed!!

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