Disneyland Paris (2days)

Welcome to the World of Dreams!!! Disneyland is a Theme park where stories come to life. Every child from his childhood is fascinated by Disney world and dreams to visit one of the Disney parks in his/her life. For me, it was not possible during my childhood days but it became possible now because of … Continue reading Disneyland Paris (2days)

PARIS Itinerary (Disneyland & City Tour -5days)

Paris, the cosmopolitan capital of France, is one of Europe’s largest city. Paris is famous for being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities. It’s a city of historic places, art, culture, fashion, cosmetic, & design. It’s also known as ‘City of Lights’ and ‘Capital of Fashion’. Fashion Designers and cosmetic brands like Louis Vuitton, … Continue reading PARIS Itinerary (Disneyland & City Tour -5days)

Swiss – Interlaken (Day5&6)

Interlaken is a significant and well-known tourist destination and is the main transport gateway to the mountains and lakes of that region. We stayed at a beautiful place name 'India Village' perfect location, weather, place... Day5: Interlaken (Mt. Jungfrau The Highest Alp) Mt. Jungfrau is a full day excursion from Interlaken to the Top of Europe. … Continue reading Swiss – Interlaken (Day5&6)

Swiss – Zurich & Lucerne (Day1-4)

Our Swiss journey started by exploring their main capital city - Zurich. Zurich located in north-central is the largest city in Switzerland. Zurich is a hub for railways, roads, and air traffic. Both Zurich Airport and railway station are the largest and busiest in the country. You will find many museums and art galleries in … Continue reading Swiss – Zurich & Lucerne (Day1-4)